Friday, February 03, 2006

What's new in your music and movie world?

Go ahead and share your ideas on music and movies.


R Mac FoShizzle♥ said...

Um i ♥ White and nerdy by Jibbs!!! that song is soo Gangster!!!
And i ♥ Smack that!! it is so cool
"smack that all on the floor
smack that till you get sore
smack that"♪♫ OH YA! ♥ it!
And also last night i watched "Take the lead" it sucked!
lol ♥ ya buhbye!

Anonymous said...

I like the songs, Get Up, Chain Hang Low, Too Little Too Late

Anonymous said...

The Academy Is... has a new album out, "Santi". Two thumbs up.
Bloc Party also came out with "A Weekend in the City", and though it's not as good as "Silent Alarm", it is a solid album.

As far as movies go, I really don't care...